Welcome to Satyre Wines! 

This is a story about a goat and a girl, science meets passion & innovation, the old world meets new. This story started many years ago on opposite sides of the world, and ended up becoming complete in west Sonoma County, where the sunsets are incredible and the grape vines are equally kissed by sun and fog, in a happy and natural balance.

The girl, born in a land down under, near oceans and rolling hills of vineyards, she danced and drank wine and explored the maniacal world of organic chemistry. It was fate it seemed that the girl could not be contained in a laboratory, and was free to explore the world of wine as a sommelier. Her angst and desire to return to California which she so fell in love with many years before, finally became a reality and her future began to shine bright.

The somm community, her new local family, provided many opportunities to learn, and directed her to fall in love with Sonoma County, in particular the coast. She was privileged to blend private label wines from renowned Hirsch Vineyards for luxury hotels, and spoiled by visiting this truly special place.

…. There she met the Goat.

The Goat: Growing up in the deep south reaches of the country, his herd was small but very wise. However the Goat could not be controlled or made to conform to normal society, so he went his own way, actually many ways! The entrepreneurial spirit of the Goat kept him busy in many projects and much inspiration, but something was missing.

He knew the sweet nectar of wine was the answer but how? He entertained his town with endless libations, fine cuisine and music, but that was not enough… the vineyards were calling his name. So he followed his heart to California, which he’d fallen in love with on brief previous visits… then he met the Girl.

The Girl and the Goat were quite the combo: her, vivacious, sassy and hard working, him, surly but sweet and ready for adventure. The time came when they knew the big city was not where their real passion lied, and they both fell in love with West Sonoma County. It then became obvious, to recreate the history of their new home, where it’s settlers had also crafted wine with their family and the community. So here they begin, continuing the tradition brought here over a century ago.

Satyre (suh-tîr) Wines is the creation of the winemaker (goat) and the sommelier (girl),  incredibly inspired by the wines of the world. In particular, the wines of Burgundy and Provence, Central Otago and Adelaide Hills, and of course California, that have influenced their ideals and winemaking direction. The mythical woodland creature the Satyr, half human & half goat, who indulges in the great vice’s of the world, namely wine, dancing and music, were companions to Dionysis, God of Wine. They represent the luxuriant vital powers of nature, which of course creates each unique vintage.

We aim to craft unique wines from the best of what each vintage gives us, with our friends, and for our friends. We hope you always drink with whimsy. 

Our Wine Inspiration

Aristaeus: For our first official vintage, our 'red' ended up as 100% pinot noir, which of course seems obvious knowing where we live. We made this wine with inspiration from our travels to the great pinot noir regions of the world, but really let the sense of place speak for itself. Our first 'true love' pinot noir, the princess of grapes, certainly the most difficult to deal with but when it is made right there is nothing like it. We love Russian River Valley fruit, gorgeous sunshine with fog rolling in from the rugged Sonoma Coast, to give us the perfect balance of brightness, without losing the essence of our Northern California home. 

Seilenos: If we could place the distinguishable chalky and limestone soils of Chablis into the western Russian River Valley we would have the ideal of our favorite chardonnay. We are so lucky though to be working with 35+ year old vines on the Dutton Ranch, in ancient pushed up sea bed. This results in a wonderful wine with its own unique nuances and sense of place. 

Amalthea: we LOVE rosé. We especially were inspired by the rosé's of Provence, France - the wonderfully light salmon color with a perfect freshness, and an always interesting palate. Our favorites blended rolle, a.k.a. vermentino, into the wine, which for us just brought the wine together. We blend some vermentino with saignee from our friends high end pinot noir vineyards to craft the perfect year round rosé.

Sinfonia: So we never planned to make a stand alone rolle (aka vermentino) but when we tasted this out of the barrel we couldn't resist. There is only a small amount, but if you have ever enjoyed the wonderfully tropical notes of a good vermy, you will want to grab some. 

#goatwine: Our fabulous winemaker Ted, a.k.a. the goat, will sometimes be heard exclaiming that he is nicknamed 'The Goat' as goat stands for Greatest.Of.All.Time... this is not REALLY the reason however we will truly always make the very best wine our beautiful land gives us, so with high ambitions and a sincere love of goats we have come to this perfect tagline.